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This page is for your own photos. Any photos that might be of interest to others are welcome, As you were when you were in care, After you left care, infact any family photos that you think others might like to see. If you want to say something about the photo please email the text with the photo. Please email it to

Image 1

Photo Attached has Sister Nancy Longbottom (I think?) and the girl on the left with dark brown wavy hair is my mother Dorothy C Steele who was at Bramhope for a few years as were a couple of her brothers. Edwin R Steele. Martin G Steele.
 Jeanette Coster



The front of the blocks, the blue door on the left  belongs to the lower flat, the open door for the upper flat, the internal staircase is clearly visable.
In the upper window is my older brother Shane, and I'm in the door way.


One of the four blocks are in the background, the people are myself, my mum and her boyfriend of the time.
This was taken after a day out.

A surviving image, but damaged with time.

Frodsham, Warrington, Cheshire.
This is Newton Hall. My house is to the right of the church as you look towards it, you can just about see it. I believe that the house to the left hand side, as you look towards it, was called Fairhurst.

The map of Kingsley where Newton Hall itself still stands. Many Newton Hallers will recall the school in this village. I actually lived in this village on dark Lane with the Jones.


This is my flat. the ground floor one with the side of the house showing. Can you see the stairs to the front of the house. This flat, number 5, had the steepest stairs which is why the person in charge of this flat would have the duty of ringing the hand bell at the end of play each day. One for the young ones, and one for the older ones, this was the job of Sister Ruth.

The Clock Tower


Newton Hall Flat

Newton Hall Flats

Stephenson, Admin block

The Circle Newton Hall

The Circle Newton Hall - Today

In the centre is Mrs Jones. This photograph was taken outside the nursery, Springside,sometime during the 1950s. The two ladies standing either side of Mrs Jones are German helpers. The chidren's names are not known. Written on the back of the photographs, by one of the German helpers pictured: "TO MRS JONES IN ORDER NOT TO FORGET US, THE TWO GERMANS, HILDE AND MARIA"

Kingsley Secondary School

Here is a photograph of me as a baby. I am around 12 months old I would say, but am not sure. Any guesses anyone? It would be 1966 and I wouldn't have been in Newton Hall that that long. I am second from the right with the white hair, blue top and red trousers. Once again, I believe that to be Carol to the left of me. The photograph was taken at Mrs Jones home, who was the nursery cook at Springside, Newton Hall!

Here I am again looking bemused, along with other Newton Hall residents, as we have our photograph taken. I am on the front row, first from the right. The boy on the left of me had the soles of his feet burnt by his parents. Once again I am unsure of my age here, but judge me to be about 12 months old, which would make it 1966 and not long after my arrival to Newton Hall. Behind me, far right and dressed in pink, is ,I believe, Carol. The photograph was taken at the Jones' house.

More Jelly, anyone? That's me second on the right with my head turned away. Just look at that jelly!! Once again this is all children from Newton Hall nursery, but the photograph wasn't taken at the nursery. I believe it is at a relative of Mrs Jones.

Will I jump or not? This is me again in Newton Hall, nursery school playground, c1967-68. I believe that the girl with me is Carol Head, a friend of mine then, who I have never seen since I was in Newton Hall. The trees behind me are where the Tilley's dog would come racing down. There are some old, stone steps there going up to the Tilley's house, Mountville. During my recent visit, I manged to locate the stairs, with the help of Pat Hayes, former resident. The stairs are in need of repair and are moss covered, but still lead straight up to Mountville. Where I am playing in this photograph is now a car park.

This is me on the left hand side with the white hair. This is in the nursery school yard, and is where the Tilley's dog would come running down from Mountville and terrorise us all! Alison now informs me that the dog, a collie, was perfectly friendly - trying telling that to us then! I am not sure how old I am on this photo but would make a guess that I am two or three years old; making it circa 1967/8. I recall the nursery vividly, particulary the playground of course. A Mrs Sanderson was the head of the nursery school in those days. The nursery is adjoined to the rear of the chapel next to the staff canteen, where the Sisters ate lunch every week day at noon sharp! This playground is now a car park for the flats that have been converted from this nursery school. The nursery school is not connected to the nursery building (Springside).

Christmas Day with the Jones Here I am sat on Barbara's knee, Mrs Jones' daughter-in-law. Mrs Jones is centre and to the right is Ronnie, her son. This is Christmas Day. I don't know how old I am here - possibly 2 years old! What do you think? If so, then it would be about 1968. I obviosuly spent Christmas Day out of Newton Hall that time.

Here I am sat on Mr Jones' Knee at the Jones' house. The Jones were, and are, my saviours. Mrs Jones worked as a cook in the nursery on my arrival to Newton Hall. She was instrumental in getting me out at weekends and staying at her house. Throughout my childhood, I would stay with her for long periods when there was trouble at home( this was after leaving Newton Hall). I am still in touch with her. Sadly, Mr Jones passed away a few months ago aged 89.I was so sad and still am. I actually thought he was my dad when I was a toddler. What a great couple!! Thank you Mr and Mrs Jones of Frodsham.

Ron, Sandra and Derek. Here I am being spoilt again! Away from the 'Home' with my 'uncle and aunt" at Chester Zoo! Whenever I went out with the Jones, something special would be on offer - beit, a picnic, kite flying, a day at the beach, or, like this picture, a day at the zoo. What great days.

My siblings and I That's me at the front, the youngest. Behind me is Jillian, my sister the next one up. At the back, is the eldest, my brother Gary, he is 5 years older than I am. We all lived at Sister Ruth's. My other two sisters lived with Sister Margerat, which explains their absence from this photo. The photo itself was taken in the home or nearby. I think most probably it was taken in the nearby village of Kingsley.

Siblings Here we are again!! Me in the middle, Gary to the left and Jillian to the right. I only recently required these photos and had to have them made from slides. Which was really expensive.

On A Horse That's me in red on the toy horse to the right. This was at Mrs Jones' daughter-in-law's mother's house. I was still at Newton Hall. The others may be from Newton Hall or just neighbours. I know the boy in grey pulling the face wasn't from the children's home.

The Family Just arriving back from Frodsham to the family home in South Manchester, but not for long!! That's Tracy on the left hand side, Jillian and myself, Derek. That's my mum bent down, plus you can just see my father at the front door. The baby is Alsion Jones, daughter of Ronnie and Sandra Jones, grand daughter of Mr and Mrs Jones.

Ronnie and Sandra Jones and myself, Derek enjoying a swim. They used to take me from Newton hall at weekends to their then house in Warrington! This was one of those weekends! His mum was the cook in Newton Hall Nursery.

Jillian far right with dark pants, white top and sporting a headband. Circa 1968/9. Other children most probably not residents of Newton Hall. Location: Aunty Farrimonds back garden, Billinge, Wigan.

Jillian holding the baby, Andrew, brother of Scott. On Aunty Farrimond's door step. Circa 1974/5

Jillian is looking sweet here on the right hand side with her friend, Kathryn (possibly non Newton Hall resident) in Aunty Farimond's back garden, circa 1968/69. Jillian was still residing at Newton Hall then.

This is Jillian and I believe Miss Mills. Jillian had not long arrived so will be 1966. The photograph has "Gillian and her Dirty Hands" written on the back. Any one recognise the location within Newton Hall?

Jillian is front far left, Gary, wearing shorts and green jumper, is next to her to the right. Miss Mills in the back ground. Who else is here, do you know?

Here is my sister, Jillian at a very early age. I would say it was the year of our arrival in 1966. We arrived in Feb, 1966, so would say this was Spring or summer of the same year. Is it at Newton Hall? Is tha the rec in the background or is it a Newton Hall Holiday? Difficult to see but do you recognise the boy in the background?

This my sister Jillian on the right at a revisit to Newton Hall around 1975. It is Newton Hall Fete Day and the chapel can be clearly seen in the background. Jillian is stood on the circle itself. Next to her is Scott, the son of 'volunteers' of Newton Hall Lilian and Ralph. Lillian and Ralph were probably got via the "Sunny Smiles" campaign, which was organised through the Methodist Church and called to its congregation to be "aunts and Uncles" for the children of the NCH. Aunty Farrimond, family name I think, accepted this call and became Jillian's aunt. Aunty Farrimond was from Billinge, Wigan. Lillian or Ralph was her daughter or son. They cared for Jillian as Mr and Mrs Jones cared for me. Jillian is still in contact with Lillian and Ralph.

This is a photograph of a Newton Hall holiday dated 27th Sept. 1970. It features my brother Gary, aged 10, and sister, Jillian, aged four. Gary is to the left of the lady holding the dog, he is wearing a white shirt and has blonde hair. Jillian is in front of him in pink dress and black long-sleeved top with a bag over her shoulder. Sister Ruth's in pink and Miss Mills in green. Who are the others? Is that Sister Janet with the dog? Gidea Park is in Essex. I believe this was a trip to Highbury, London.

I would say this was 1970/71. I believe it is in North Wales, but cannot be sure. Gary, my brother, is on the far right, arms folded, green jumper, white shorts. Second from the left, front row, floral dress and wearing glasses is my sister Jillian. I would assume that this family is Sister Ruth's family from flat 5 or Boston House. Is that Jean Mylear in blue front row? Do you recognise anyone? Gary is the eldest of us all and arrived in Newton Hall aged 5 and left at 11 years old.

Jillian on the left Miss Mills in the Middle, who else does anyone know? Same holiday as previous photographs. Possibly North Wales.

Derek at a young age.

Derek at a slightly older age. This is Mrs Jones and myself taken this summer, 2005. She is extremely well for her age of 86, and goes sequence dancing twice a week. She also attends church three out of four weeks. Her Sunday roasts are simply delcious still. Mrs Jones worked at Newton Hall from the 1950s onwards. She cared for me and took me to her home.

Mr and Mrs Jones are two lovely people who were like parents to me. Mrs Jones worked in the nursery of Newton Hall upon my arrival in February 1966. Mrs Jones fell in love with me, told her husband and so a wonderful relationship began. Mr and Mrs Jones took on a NCH 'aunt and uncle' role. I would stay with them frequently throughout my childhood. Sadly, Mr Jones passed away last year. Mrs Jones is still living and I will be visting her this summer, 2005!! Two amazing people who showed me the 'right' path. God bless Mr and Mrs Jones.


Martyn Boston with his younger brother Edward I was taken into care aged 3, with my younger brother aged 1, the year was around 1960. My brother and I were allocated to Sister Mavis at No. 4 Fairways.

Martyn My best photo to date, I didn't give a damn, the real me, I think at about 5

Music in the chapel with instruments

Singing in the Chapel

Band practice

Water Play

The Circle at Newton Hall

Christmas 1962 I remember the picture being taken, we were all told to point our guns and fire at the camera. I must have been 4 or 5. martyn

Photo of staff dressed up as school children. The lad on the left was called ronnie (i think), he lived with his younger brother at either flat 15 or 16, he wasn't at the home very long but made a lot of friends fast. Sister Mavis sent me the photos so I will ask her who's who, she may not be able to remember though. I do actually remember that photograph being taken, but don't recall why, maybe it was for a sketch at old boys and girls weekend.

No. 4 Fairways top left, nursery block (Springfield) far right, taken from other side of the circle.

On my own today.



Frodsham from the air,  most of the large NCHs looked similar. This one still stands today, however, it is now luxury flats. Even the church has been converted into flats!

This is Frodsham from the air. It is now called Kingsley Green and is luxury flats. If you click on this site it will give you other views from the air. 374932.010307725&scale=5000&coordsys=gb&db=freegaz&lang=&mapsize= big

Entrance to Newton Hall This is the wall and entrance to Newton Hall, Frodsham. You can barely see me on the wall itself between the man with red flag and the man walking in blue. I am wearing an olive green sweater. (Derek)

Highfield, The Oval, Harpenden, Herts

Highfield had everything a child needed. With twenty flats, chapel, recreation room, woods, play equipment, cricket pitch, football pitch, Scout and Guide huts, Pre 1960's there was a school for all ages, a bakery, cobbler etc. From the 1960's there was everything we needed. for the boys there was even somwhere to get your hair cut. If this was not enough there was always the burial ground.

Room for 200 Children in the 20 Flats

Highfield If you were moved from one branch to a different branch, you might think you had never left. Some of the designs of the buildings were very similar. They even managed to put the trees in the same places.

Frodsham The buildings were so similar

Originally the five blocks of houses had names. Wakefield, Old Boys & Girls, etc.

Highfield 1971 Family Group Flat 1 Summer 1971. Malcolm, John (RIP), Mandy (RIP), David, Sean, Aisline, Sharon, David, Vere, Sally. Miss Foal was taking the photograph.


I'm ready for Sister's Chores Cleaning the hall, bucket of water, mop, wellington boots. Who's stolen my mop?

Harpenden 1985 A Mug was issued to commemorate the closing of the Branch

Harpenden Commemorative Mug

Harpenden Highfield had its own cemetery for both staff and children

Harpenden Two boys I knew are still at Highfield John Healey - my room mate John Parker - my class mate

Harpenden Sidney Guy 1899-1974

Harpenden Peter Dawson

At Lessons

2005 The circle

Gyde House, Painswick, Glos.

Group photo from around 1979. The whole group was: Louise, Joey, Stephen, Edna, Anthony, Yanic, Alex, Melanie, Rosannah, Christine, Kevin, Elizabeth, Simon.


We will show you how to swim.

Chipping Norton
We might not be as fast as the rest of you, but we do have ordinary fun.

At our branch, we can jump through hoops.

Killay House, Sketty, Swansea, South Wales

Summer 1971 The Gang of Three Just because I'm the tallest, it does not mean I'm the eldest, but guess who gets the blame when we get caught. Les, Phil, Rus.


Harvest Festival c.1950's From left to right Sister Olive Brown, unknown, Sister Nora Miller, Sister Violet M Taylor, Sister Elizabeth Earwicker, unknown and names of the children unknown.


Sister Nora and Clive

Clive Williams c.1960

Clive Williams 1960's

The wish of every boy - To meet a real Princess. The Princess of Wales shaking hands with Clive Williams on the visit of the Princes of Wales to NCH Ty Hapus Swansea.

The family. c.1970's



Lydia and Alex

Swansea May 1968

Michael July 1964

Michael May 1968


Teresa  1960's


Anthony c. 1960's

The children of the National Children's Home, Killay, Swansea, are given several monetary gifts each year and in return love giving gifts to some other charitable cause. During the past year, they have collected for a "Transceiver" for the Flying Doctor service in Africa. In the picture with the Matron, Sister Violet Taylor, are the children under her care with little Andrew pedalling for all his worth with young Rosemary trying to send a message.
(South Wales Evening Post)

Raymond  1958


An unknown boy c.1960



George July 1955

George June 1961

Tony Herring July 1964

Yvonne and Jacqueline June 1961

Patricia and Martin NCH Year book 1961-62

Killay House Christmas Party given by UNO Tinplate Containers. Showing Killay House Children together with children of the employees of the firm.

Killay House. Christmas Party given by UNO Tinplate Containers and Alpha Container A wider selection of press cuttings relating to Killay House can be found on the page More NCH History

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