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Contact other ex NCH members and Homes

Contact other NCH members and Homes

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St leonards

email of 200912
I would like to be in contact with any members that remember me at Malmesbury house west st Leonard's Sussex. I was there from September 1956 to 1959 when I left to join training ship TS Arethusa then royal navy. I didnt have a nick name just known as Alfie Stacey was in Summerlea family with a sister Nancy and sister Doreen and Joan would be lovely to talk to other family members. I wasn't the best of the behaved kids there as I always wanted to be moved on hence the training ship.
Hope I have some luck finding some one that knows me
Kind regards
Alf Stacey (now living in Kent)

Contact from 2008

Hi there I have just read an entry on the 031108 from Lynda walker(neeFelth).

This is Nancy J Norman (nee Frederick) I would just like to say hello! and happy new Year to Lynda. ( she may not remember

me of course but please pass it on anyway.)



Coombe - Info on Arthur Sadler

I was stunned to see these pictures of people i had only heard of from my parents. My father Thomas adams taught at coomb carmarthenshire and my mother was a sister irene bennett.can you tell me is mr arthur sadler still alive? my parents often spoke of him. thank you for your time.
Contact Name = rose adams

email to theirhistory 140411

Borne Place

Message Subject = find friend,s from Bourne place school NCH Hildenbourgh, kent

Comments = i am looking for friend,s who i was at Bourne place with from 1965 to 1974. most of my friends knew me as kenny, please help me as i would love to hear and hopefully meet up with some old mates.

kenneth cleveland simms

Email to theirhistory 140411

David James Goodey of Highbury NCH

I am helping my friend search for her half brother born David James Goodey 2/3/1961. He was in a childrens home in Highbury in his very early years and then adopted. His father was called John Hackshaw or something like that!


We would love to make contact with him. His birth mother and a large and energetic family are all alive and waiting.



Penarth Branch

Message Subject = robert wesley wilkinson

I am looking for relatives to robert wesley wilkinson who passed away on 13/05/2004 in penarth wales uk if you are a relative or a friend who could give me any information on this gentleman could you please please get in touch with me many thanks tony yeoman

Penarth Branc

My name is Jennifer Ayling nee Ray, my sister Anne & I went to Sea View in Penarth South Wales at the end of 1948 or early 1949.

I was two & a half and my sister five & a half, my family leader was Sister Lillian Rogers.

I there anyone who have photo's or information as I would love to see & hear of them.

My memory of my time at Sea View was a very happy one, in fact my nightmare started when I left to join my mother & my abusive stepfather.
Regards, Jennifer

Email 211210

Chipping Norton.

"I am looking for my sister, Irena Kaiser, who was at Chipping Norton from 1953 when she was 3 years old.
She eventually was at Waltham St Lawrence and changed her name to Sandie Hall. 
There are photos of her on your Childrens Photos site so maybe someone remembers her.
Her carer was a Sister Doreen. I would be very grateful if you could assist me if at all possible. Many thanks".

From Bron

Email to theirhistory 151110

Frodsham group

We have a Facebook Group for Newton Hall. I wanted to alert you to the absolutely amazing photos that have appeared on there.
Please feel free to join and look.

On another note, could you post this on the Info pages of Their History Website, please?
Hello Newton Hallers
The group Newton Hall is on Facebook and is welcome for Old Boys and Girls of Newton Hall. There ar 76 members, who are quite active, and lots and lots of great photos and lots of information.
Please follow this link and see you there.

Frodsham Contact


Sister Ingrid Hitchens was my sister at NCH Newton Hall, Frodsham..1st we were put in Boston, were she was Sister, then moved to Firbank whilst the new flat, no 16 was being refurbished. Mr Wicks was the super at the time. Sister Ingrid came over to the IOM a few years ago to see me, as I had moved there. Last I heard she was running a childrens centre in Bolton.
It would be nice to see pictures of the time I was at Newton Hall, from 1959-1968?
My name then was Lola June Smith, dob-08/05/1954 and I was there with my brothers and sisters, some of whom lived with Sister Joyce.
Thank You
Lola Harrison

Lola Harrison <>


Yeah I remember you Susan, and Anne Ling and her bro, was with Sister Ingrid
Lola Harrison ( nee Smith)


Yes I remember Helen Parry, Was it Carol and Roy Smith? I used to sing in the church choir, with Susan Ferguson, my closest friend there was Dawn Coetzee, my Name was then Lola Smith, with sister Ingrid at 16, I'm now Harrison.Peter Dibo was another friend there..and Stella Harris was in our flat,with David, Alan and Paul Davidson? my sisters are Carole Smith, Angela, Evelyn, Thelma, and brothers Owen, Roy, and Trevor.
Lola Harrison


Info on Andrew Jeffs of Forest House NCH, West Sussex

I had a friend at primary school who lived at  NCH Forest House, Mannings Heath, West Sussex. His name is Andrew Jeffs. He was there between the years 1975 and 1980, if not for all that time.
He used to spend time at our home, and I spent quite alot of time at Forest House with him. I know it's a long shot, but I wondered if there was any way of finding out at least where he ended up as a child.
If my memory serves me well, he was lucky enough to find an adoptive family, but I am not sure.

Thanks very much for your time.
Stuart Batchelor

email 080410


My name is edwin everett price i was in the nch at harpenden from 1954 to 1964 i lived at no 5 with sister young i would like to get in touch with some of the old boys who was at the home when i was there i can remember some of the boys who were there.martin danger, david mason, mickie grimes, ann munrow, john turner,roland parhouse, marion slade, bertie baldwin.

email 050410


My name is Clifford Smith I lived at the Oval between 1970 and 1976 I spent most of my time as I remember it at flat 13 with sister Joan, I remember Peter and David who went to live with a chap who worked with us, I can’t quite remember his name. There was Angie and Anitan, Michael who if I remember correctly went to work at lords cricket ground, John, Andrew who went to live in Wisbeach I believe and I also remember Sarah and Steven who were brother and sister who lived in a flat on the other side of the oval.

I remember a lot about those days, the Boys and Girls wood, The Church, School ,the club house. I remember going to Manland and I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.


Email 300310


I was at Westcroft Home, Sheringham, from 1965 to 1969,
My name at that time was Dianne Leaver, I was there with my brother Nicky Leaver.
We were in the family with Sister Mary,
I would love to hear from anyone who was their at that time,
I have tried to track down Pattie N`jie, without success,

Email 290310


Deborah & Christopher Cook of Harpenden NCH
I am trying to track down my cousins Deborah & Christopher Cook, who were at Highfield Harpenden NCH in the mid-late 1960’s.
There parents were Tony & June Audrey Cook, and Junes maiden name was Rawlins.
I believe they were eventually adopted out to a Mr W Davies, of 12 Parliament Hill Mansions, Lissenden Gardens, London NW5.
Can you please help me locate them, they are my mothers only nieces and nephews and she/we would love to hear from them after all of these years.  Pls make contact via this web pages email :
Ross Sanders

Cathkin House, Rutherglen. Glasgow Branch

 I worked as an assistant housemother in 1962/3 for 3 months in Sister Joan Sowerby's family and Mr. James R. Niven was the superintendent.
The other staff I remember as Sisters Margaret Morrison, Marie, Lottie and a trainee like myself, Margaret Lundie.
Over the years I have often wondered what became of the children in this family and still remember their names. 
These children have stayed with me over the years and I wonder if it would be possible to find out what became of them and the staff when Cathkin House closed. I have tried unsuccessfully and wonder if you can help.  

Danka Buchanan

email of 160310


I was in westcroft home from around 1965 to 1968. I was there with my sister Christine & brothers Paul & Steven.

The only name I can remember is Stella who I shared a room with, would love to hear from anyone who was there at this time




Fairfield NCH

hello there, i am hoping to find out if anyone is out there who was at fairfield NCH children''s home in Harrogate, North Yorkshire? I was there from 1967 (from birth) until 1972. i left when i was 5. I would love to see some photos as it has been knocked down or to hear from anyone there during that time. i was 5 when i left so my memory is limited but i was looked after by ''auntie sylvia'' (sylvia Lincoln).

jackie thomas (Raine)

email 010310


helloo, i was at Frodsham - Newton Hall around the late 70''s
my name is David Doherty, known for playing football, i lived in gayhurst
i remember teaching Simon Ogan to play football, i heard he signed for shefield wednesday back then. 
i was in newton hall, with my brothers and sister if any one remembers me or them please get in touch.
might bring back some memories that have been unremember.

email 091109


helloo, i was at Frodsham - Newton Hall around the late 70''s
my name is David Doherty, known for playing football, i lived in gayhurst
i remember teaching Simon Ogan to play football, i heard he signed for shefield wednesday back then. 
i was in newton hall, with my brothers and sister if any one remembers me or them please get in touch.
might bring back some memories that have been unremember.

email 091109

Harrogate & Harpenden Printing & Cricket

I was excited to find your site as my Mum is trying to trace some of my Dad’s cricketing days at Highfield, Harpenden as a gift for him.


My Dad, Brian Leslie Crisp was bought up in the Harrogate Chidlrens Home, particularly by a kind lady, known as ‘Sister Beth’. My Dad was there along with his brother Ray and sister Sheila. My Dad went into care at about 10 yrs of age so that would have been 1947.


At the age of 15 he came ‘down south’ and started an apprenticeship at ‘the printing school’. It was there that he tells of many tales of fantastic cricket and apparently was often man of the match. He particularly remembers playing against St.Georges school, Harpenden. This would have been somewhere between 1952-56.


Reliving his youth (and happy times at the NCH and all connected) would be a wonderful surprise for my Dad and so I wondered if you had any information on where I could possibly find maybe photos or records at all? Dad only has limited photos and none of his cricket-days!


Mum and I have looked at the local library in St.Albans but could not find anything suitable.


Dad met my Mum and they have been married since 1968.


Gyde House & Westcroft home

Gyde House & Westcroft home

Comments = would like to get in touch with anyone who was at Gyde house Painswick in the early 60''s from 62 to 65, and from Westcroft home Sherngham from 66 to 68.I was with my 3 sisters Lesley Marion & Karen our sisters name was sister Riter .

Malcolm Solway

Email of 300909

Stelling Hall

My and my older brother and sister were in Stelling Hall in or around 1967 but not for a long time. Today my brother and me visited the Hall but it is now residential. The building and grounds are of course as they were but the stone building has now been covered and painted cream. Does anyone have any photographs of the home in the 60''s - maybe events, staff, rooms etc.

I would like to hear from anyone who was there around the same time as me and my siblings.

Lyn Wilson

email 280909


Founders Day

I am trying to find the date on which Founders day occured each year.

This was the day celebrating the founder of the N.C.H.

On this day the relatives of the children were invited to visit the home where their children were living

There would a morning service, after which they would be invited to look around the Home and talk to the Sisters.

Then there would be a light lunch either inside or outside depending on the weather.

The parents could also take their children out for the day if so desired.


Thank you.

Leslie Jones

Ex Southport branch. 1943 - 1953.

email 300809


My brother and I were at NCH Frodsham 1962 - 68. Does anyone remember us? Tony & Moti Stephens. The names I remember are Peter Wilde, Simon Owl, Susan Owens, Christine Young, Norman, Susan and Maureen Ferguson. Michael Brogan, Mr&Mrs Timson our sister was Helen Parry. School friend was John Perry. I also remember a Carol and Roy with whom I played. I remember the funtimes we had and sad times also.

email of 180809


Hi, My name is Shirley Ann THOMAS. I was at Newton Hall between 1965 - 1970. I lived at flat five during my stay. Sister Ruth and Miss Mills took care of me.
My Brothers ERIC, ROBERT and PAUL lived with sister Irene in flat ten.
Just wondering if anyone remembers me or would like to share any storys?
Please email my daughter Be nice to hear from people who experienced life at NEWTON HALL.


Info on Peter Wilde

Contact Name = Moti Stephens

Message Subject = Peter Wilde

Comments = I remember Peter Wilde at the branch. Would like to know where and what he is doing?

email 110709


Harpenden thoughts, I have been reading many, if not all of letters and comments from various old boys and girls from the various NCH branches.
On reading all of these letters from old boys and girls from many of the NCH branches throughout the UK, I find it very difficult to believe the abuse and bad treatment that was put towards the children from certain members of the NCH staff, no doubt it did go on, even today, on our news, we hear of abuse towards children.
I cannot, even today, remember having that sort of treatment towards me or my brothers and sisters, (Pat, Judy, Garry and Bobby Owen) we were all treated with respect, admiration and kindness. Yes, there was a certain amount of discipline, there has to be on a growing child, at Harpenden, we had total freedom after school and at the weekends, we all had our house duties of course within the flat on a rota system, i.e. washing up, polishing floors etc, and none of us in Wakefield house with Sister Maureen or Sister Pearl ever complained. We even, with Sister Maureen, had fun weekends putting up a tent to the rear of Wakefield house and played games. We were free to leave the grounds and go down to the town, we went to the pictures nearly every weekend with our pocket money, (9d if I remember) that to me was at that time a small fortune. Yes, we had bad days and good days, that''s life, even today, let''s not, any of us forget the hard work and dedication that the Sisters put in to caring for the thousands of children from all walks of life, all with different problems that probably stemmed back from their family home life, the sisters were now confronted with these issues and they had to deal with them in their own way and i think they did an admirable job in dealing with it.
If it wasn''t for the NCH at that time many of the children would not have known what a holiday was, the kids would not have known about making friends with other kids was, they would not have known what the opposite sex was, although, saying that, we found out in our own way, many times, it was good fun and it''s called. Growing up!
My admiration goes to all the staff at Harpenden, and I speak on behalf of my brothers and sisters as well. If it wasn''t for them, and I mean, Sister Maureen, I would not be the person i am today.
As regards Mr Roycroft, Dennis Piper and Mr Shutt, the Governor, they were all super persons with a very difficult job, I remember Dennis Piper vividly, I was up North at the time of my Fathers death, doing organ building, and distraught as I was he invited me to stay with him for a couple of weeks at the branch of Harpenden, he had this wonderful border collie dog and we became good friends and played games every day on the oval of Harpenden. Mr Dennis Piper and this lovely dog helped get my life back on track again, Mr Piper even drove me back to Ruislip Manor where i lodged with Mr & Mrs Lubbock.
So my message to any one that has unhappy memories of their time in the NCH, whether they be true or not, it''s in the past, we are now all adults and we make our lives as we deem fit, not all memories are bad ones, many are good, so I appeal to all of the NCH, old boys and girls to contact each other by the and make amends with old friends, you will all be pleasantly surprised at the results. Jeff Owen, formally of Harpenden, Wakefield House.


My name is Leslie Jones.
I was in the National Childrens Home and Orpahanage at
23 Westcliffe Road
From the years 1943 to 1953.
The Matron was a Sister Nora Smith.
The only other sister I can recall is a Sister Ida Sugden.
I was 5 years of age when I entered and 15 years of age when I left.
I am trying to find copies of any photographs of the Home in Westcliffe Road, and contact with any ex children or staff who were there during that period.

I am writing a family history book about my own family and wish to include some photographs to illustrate my memories of that time.
Hoping there is someone out there who can help.

Leslie Jones.

Harpenden 1950''s - 1960s

Hi my name is Ronald Spooner and I lived at No 17 Highfield Ovel Harpenden,NCH from 1957/1969 if thereare any other old boys or girls who would like to get in contact with me I will be very pleased.

email of 030709

Harpenden 1930s

Dear all.
My mum and and her brother were at the National Children''s Home and Orphanage in Harpenden, Herts, in the early 30''s. I am still trying to find the exact years. I do have a photo of her skipping outside. It looks like it was connected with a newspaper article in the Luton News, our local newspaper.

We are trying to locate anyone, if possible, who knew Doris Templeman and her brother John Templeman who were at Harpenden at the same time. I know it is a bit of a long shot. Or if anyone remembers mum''s friend Rose Morgan, who was there at the same time. Although mum passed away 16 years ago in Australia, where she and dad had emigrated to in the 1970''s, Rose Morgan is still alive somewhere.

Mum always said of the children''s homes she and her brother were in that if it hadn''t been for them she would probably never have learnt to read and write. Sew and cook, and I don''t ever remember her saying anything nasty about them. Except perhaps that they found the amount of times they had to attend the Chapel on a Sunday a bit too much for a little girl who hated staying still. (She was still on the go even when she was in her 70''s, learned to use the computer and loved it and took up ten pin bowling and even after she had a stroke, she became the club champion. WOW. What a lady.

Edna Phillips (nee Hastings/Templeman).

Frodsham 1939-51


My father Harry Nelson (73) was at the Frodsham Branch (Newton Hall) of the NCH between 1939-1951. He was looked after by Sister Nora Owens. I believe he stayed in the JF House.

Other Children in his house were Trevor Cokayne (not sure of spelling), Brian Riding and Tony Gardener.

After the NCH he joined the merchant navy in Liverpool/Birkenhead. He now lives with his wife in Hampshire.

Did you know my father?

David Nelson (his son)

Bourne Place

Hi There I saw your post on the NCH site for ex members to get in touch I used to go to Bourne Place in Hildenbrough in Kent and just wanted to let other members know their is a group set up on facebook for anyone who went to Bourne Place NCH school and home pupils and staff are both welcome.

I am an ex NCH member of staff looking for old friends from Hildenbourgh kent /  the 16 plus unit in the bromley area. my grandparents ran the harpendon kids home from the second world war - Charles Roycoft and my dad was deupty of Ryalls Court in seaton devon / and Hildenbourgh Kent. I worked in the Hildenbourgh / Bromley home and would like to contact old staff from there.
can you help please
cary sawbridge / witham
email 200309

Harpenden Photo Wanted

Staff photographs of the 1940s

Does anyone have any photos of highfield home in harpeneden herts for the 1940s as im trying to find a photo of eva brooker she was one of the staff there ,she is on my husbands birth line and we have come so for in our search it would be nice if we could find a photo eva brooker i know she was there in 1941. eva is my husbands anutie .thank you so much for your time he would be so please if someone could send us a photo of eva brooker he would then be able to put faces to names we have thank you very much kind regards ann.

email of 110209

Helga of Bristol

I was at Holmwood, NCH, Westbury on Trym, Bristol from 1955 - 1963. I was in the Robinson family.

Does anybody know anyone who went there? My name was Helga Pucill. I left when I was 9 year of age.

Sister Doreen Boyce was the "sister" at that time.

I have also wondered how John Yanni fared. I used to get on really well with him as I recall, but he was sent to the "naughty boys school" after trashing one of the living rooms.




email 060209

Peter Wilde of Frodsham

I was at newton hall for 14 years 1960 to 1974. I spent most of my time at Flat 13 with Sister Joyce. There are many names I recognise as I read the many memories children had of their times at Newton Hall .
Staff I remember with great affection are Mr and Mrs Tilley (they had a daughter ) They were involved with the choir ,handbell ringing group and all other musical events that we attended in order to raise funds for the NCH. Every time I hear the song "if you were the only girl in the world " It reminds me of the fantastic singing voice Mr Tilley had because he used to sing it on stage at the musical events.
I have many memories of my time at Newton Hall ,but have also recently found out we can have access to the files which were kept on us during our time at NCH.
You can download a request form from the NCH website and they will contact you to arrange this.
If anybody remembers little ol me it would be great to hear from you.


Info on Princess Alice Orphanage wanted

Princess Alice Orphanage New Oscott.
My ancestor Solomon Jevons was a founder/trustee of the above home (Jevons House). Now that the site is a shopping mall I wonder if there are any artefacts from the buildings that were retained? Similarly if any records from the home eg minutes, accounts etc are still in existance?
Some 15 or so years ago, I did visit the site whilst some demolition and reconstruction (presumably for the shopping centre) was under way, and then the main clock tower and a couple of the houses were still there including Jevons House.
Someone at NCH headquarters told me on the phone that some sculptures from the main building were to be saved and this included a bust of Solomon - did it survive I wonder?

I believe that Josiah Mason (Of Birmingham Univesity fame as well as the Mason Orphanage) was also associated through Solomon, with the PAO; can you help with any further information regarding the above please?

I would be happy to discuss with any NCH staff/archivists/historian the possibility of creating a written history if the source material is available. (I am a graduate in Local/Regional History)

Your comments and any assistance are eagerly anticipated.

Kind regards
Pam McDonald


email of 010109

Info on Pastens

I would really like to have some photos of Pastens where I grew up in the 1940''s and have some history of the house (like who owned it) before it became an orphanage.
I would be very grateful for any information and photos as I have been serching for a long time without success.
An old girl from Pastens

Derek of Stelling Hall

Hi my name is Derek Bailey I was in Stelling Hall from 1957 to 1969. I  spent a good few years in west Lodge, but my last 2 years were spent in  flat 4 with Mr & Mrs Davies. Basically I feel that when Stelling Hall closed down, my childhood memories went with it. I.m looking for people who were there during that time & may have old photographs that they might wish to share.
I look forward to heraing from anybody who may remember me.


Email of 221208

Mark of Birmingham

 I lived at Watson House (133 Birmingham rd Sutton Coldfield) Sister Irean Bryan was in charge,  do you know if there are any photos I can get hold of, I lived there from 1968 to 1976.
 thank you Mark


Vincent of Newton Hall

hi, my name is vinny doherty as some of you will remember me as skinny vinny i had 6 brothers and 1 sister called carol
i was there from 1971 to 1980 , i was in the choir does anybody know the name of the LP what we all made i used to play football alot
would like to hear from people who was there at the time i was and if anybody has got any photos to share.


Gyde House - Painswick

Hi I was at Gyde House in Painswick for 5 years from 1977-1982 I found it one of the most enjoyable times of my life that I can look back on,I was in care from the age of 6 til 18 in 4 different homes and 2 sets of foster parents,yet even through all this change I have come out the other side....well I dont know how to describe myself.I would like to thank all staff at Gyde for putting up with me I know I was a tearaway back then so many thanks.I wish I could find you all as when I was taken away from there I missed you all,if you read this please feel free to email me would love to here from you.

Alex Wilcox
ref email 211108

Vivienne of Harpenden

Hi I was in Harpenden NCH from somewhere around 1950 - 1956/7 .
The sister was , if memory serves. Joan Vivash, The house was named Ferrans, then Flat 13, I would prefer not to give names that I can remember, in case they would rather that I didn''t.
I would prefer as you say for any contact to be made through your contact details and then forwarded. Thank you
email of  of 211008
Please email info to theirhistory

Lynda of Harpenden

Hi Everyone, my name is Lynda Walker. I was at Harpenden Branch from 1953 to 1963 my name then was Lynda Felth. I would love to be in contact with Julia Morrison, Lesley Bloomfield, Frances Allum, Cherry (sorry cannot remember your surname)any of the Littlechilds and Dangars and also any of the Lloyds especially Pamela. Have been back living in Harpenden for the last 13 years. My email is
(Contact via philip - message date 031108.) would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Susan of Frodsham

My name then susan owens and I lived at Newton Hall with my brothers and sisters i think in flat 2. I lived there from late 50''s untill the the late 60''s (unsure of exact dates). I went to kingsley high school. The sister''s name who looked after us was sister Shiela. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or my family and i am especially looking for my best friend back then Ann Ling who i think lived in flat 11.
Many thanks
Email of 051108

John Swift of Frodsham

Message Subject = Frodsham contacts

I would very much like to contact anybody that might remember me from Frodsham circa 1940-46.We did not have Flats in those days but lived in houses named after benefactors(mostly Fowlers).I lived in William Fowler with Sister Alice Collins and I remember many names which may be wrong for me to mention here. Most of my memories are good.

Missing Phone Number FAO John Agnew

Sorry lost your telephone number john agnew its peter taylor but it was great speak with you after all these years you made my day.

Please email theirhistory, message ref 170808

Harpenden Flat 9
Hi Carl,
Was it you who you that lived in flat 9 with sister janet and was it your email about sister ruleing with a iron rod my is peter taylor
07891 248181

Harpenden 1970s
Does anyone out there remember the McGroary family from Highfield Oval in the 70ts? I had a sister called Christine and Antoinett, i am Michele and my brother David. i''m pretty sure we lived in flat 2, although my sister was moved to flat 1 just before being adopted. I remeber some of the staff , Miss Kathy, Miss Anne Miss Joan, if you can help me with any inforamtion could you contact me please on
Thanks in advance. michele.

A Sister
My late Aunt Marjorie Doreen Atkin was a sister at Southbank home for girls Nottingham from approx late 1940s to her marriage in 1965, she doesnt seem to be on your listing, can you help? however I do remember meeting a sister Lucy (similar age group ) & I wonder wether Lucy Moore was indeed her.
I was only 8 in 1965 but I remember visiting her there a few times & it always seemed that we had boiled eggs for tea !!
email 240408

Frodsham From Peter Taylor

peter taylor

Contact Number = o7891 248181

Contact Email = home

Message Subject = newton hall frodsham

Comments = i remember you john and paul my name is peter shared flat nine with you in the 70s how did you get on sister janet looked after us



hi my name is John Agnew I lived in flat 9 with my brother Paul I had two other brothers Andrew and George they both lived in flat 15.
Sister Janet and Antie Mary ran the house,  Ashley was the oldest lad  we to get up in night and smoke out of bedroom window, I rember Gaynor and Carol I remember Gerry and Micheal. Do you rember the cleaner Mrs Moffart and when it was anyone of are birthdays she brought us loads of sweets ste Ashley use to work with his brother wally on a farm at weekend.

emaile of 250408

Info on PeterHayward
Has anybody any information on where I might contact Peter Haywood,we were together in the fifties,my housekeeper was Sister Marjorie Young of O.G.B.Up.Mr Shutt was head,also can anybody remember taking part in the Gymnastics  Display which we did at the Royal Albert Hall. Alan Francis.
Please email Theirhistory
Email of 250408

Harpenden Contact

My name is Tony and I lived at flat 15 with Sister Ena in my earlier years and then moved to 22 highfield oval, with Aunty Shirley and Uncle Alan. I went to Roundwood School!


email of 250308

Frodsham info please.

Re Dorothy Mary/May Jones,


Many years ago when I was 4 yrs old, around 1950, I lived with my parents in a small village in Cheshire. My mother had always wanted a daughter, but for many reasons I was the only child. They decided to foster, with a view to adopting a girl from Frodsham Childrens'' Home, and after the due processes had been completed I had a new sister of about 2 years age.
Her name was Dorothy Mary/May Jones and she was my sister for about a year.

We lived then in a village in North Wales and she went to school with me in Rhostyllen near Wrexham. My father worked as a farm worker/gardener, and in the war years found it difficult to keep in a job. The turning point came when he lost his job again and as we were in a tied cottage we had to get out and were threatened with the bailiffs.
As a result of this uncertainty my parents reluctantly deided to return Dorothy to Frodsham.

They kept in touch with the Home over the years and Dorothy came to stay with us when she was about 12 yrs old for a couple of weeks about 1961. She had by then been to many foster homes and didn''t actually remember which ones we were. But she was happy to spend a couple of weeks with us in the Summer.

After that we moved from the area, and lost touch completely.
I have always wondered what happened to my little sister and it was the finding of an old photo of the 2 of us that has prompted me to contact you.
I am wondering if there is a record of what became of the children who were at Frodsham? I am not looking to trace Dorothy, just interested to know what became of her.
If you have any suggestions I would be very grateful to hear.


Stephen Elliott
East Yorkshire

CONTACT REF 20.03.08


To any body that was at flat nine sister janets steven ashley carl walker john and paul ague gerald and paul mc nulty my name is peter taylor lots memorys as it was yesterday steves got brother called whally and his lovely mum brought him old jamiacas bars me gerry played football in the circle with simon ogan are you all around still if so lets get together the true people of frodsham ps like to meet all people that remember me i was there roughley in 70s for about four years carole ogan nicky acanyemi and peter was it a nickname coffee bow steve ashley can you remember the woodbines i choke ha ha good memorys for you all

Malmesbury House

I was sent to a home in 1951, Malmesbury House 123 West Hill, St Leonards, Hastings. As I was so young I new nothing about my new home, now at the age of 56, I want to find out as much as I can, the people who ran it ex pupils etc. if you can help i would be most grateful as it is a partof my life which is almost a blank. Thanks
Steve Law.

Princess Alice
I was at Princess Alice from 1949 to 1957 at Sutton Coldfield anyone who knows me would love a chat.
Nadine who lived in Copeley House.

Princess Alice - Birmingham
I was there from 1948 to 1963 and would love to hear from any one who remembers me. I was Dilys Powell and I lived in Jeavons House. I was devastated recently when I went back to find that the whole area was now a retail park. I thought at least they would have kept the huge clock – it ruled our lives !!

Dilys Thomas nee Powell


My mother, now deceased, was a resident at Harpenden from about 1922 until around 1932, and was also at Bonner Road for a short while. I'd be very interested to hear from anyone who has stories of Harpenden from those times.


Bourne Place

My name is Roger Green . i used to go to Bourne place N C H in the 1980 s . if any one remembers me please email me some of the kids in were donald beard - richard malcom - robert norton- scot murry- ian brown - rodney rix - pauling johnston -mark whitehead- paul coom -matthew barton-clint -martin smith-maggy fliz -micheal bint - phillip and sam twin brothers- and some staff- mr collins- mr gibson - mr bashford- son matthew - daughter clair- head master mr davis- miss humpfree- mr davis - mr john Lloyd fovergill- mis austin she used to call me see no evil - hear no evil - speak no evil- and not to forget one .special teacher who is the best mr reavley - wife miss reavley - daughter- josafin. if any one rememberd me please contact me . as i miss you all . bourn place was great i learned so much there and the most inportant thing good maners + respect to others . thanks to bourne place . thanks from Roger Green


I would like to hear from anyone that has any information or was at NCH Harpenden Herts.  Clifton House, the  house mother was  Lottie Farmer,  Mr Schutt was the Governor.
I was there 1949-1954  looking for pictures or anyone that would remember me .

thank you
Colin Lewis


My father Robert Wilkinson-now 84- was in NCH Frodsham 1931-1939. His sister Lily was also there .
He would quite like to know if any of his contempraries aare still alive and remember him.
I have copy off all the stuff on the site about frodsham and he eaas very interested .
> Joy Wilkinson

Harpenden Contacts Wanted
Contact wanted for those at Harpenden mid 1960s to early 1970s

Veronica – 1970 -?
Alan Penfold
Diane Kenyon
Karen Diaz
Lorraine Briggs
Mandy Briggs
Both these girls were sisters there Mum was called Freda and lived in Watford.

My name is Ossie Glover, although most would remember me as ‘Azu’.

Please email Ossie


Please replace (AT) with @


Harpenden - Ossie
I was in Harpenden 1967/8 to 1970 lived at Flat 9. Would like to make contact with others who might know me, and those I might know. ossie(AT)

Frodsham - Newton Hall
Derek Southworth 1966 - 1970/71 Springside nursery and Flat 5 Jillian Southworth 1966 - 1971/2 Flat 5 and Boston House Tracey Southworth 1966 - 1971/2 Flat 1 Julie Southworth 1966 - 1971/2 Flat 1 Gary Southworth 1966 - 1971/2 Flat 5 and Boston House Alison Tilley Names recollected: Mrs Jones, nursery cook Sister Ruth Sister Margarat Miss Mills Carol head Anyone from Newton Hall or NCH that knows me or not, please feel free to contact me, Derek.

Harpenden - Highfield Oval
Philip Howard (Baggy Pants) Flat 1 1965-1968 Lenton V..... Flat 1 1960's Susan Burrell, Harpenden 1960-1970, had a younger sister Patricia there with me, lived in flat 10 with Sister Ella Phillips.

Trying to trace ex HARPENDEN
Mary Henrys
Suzanne Somlaito
Cherry Harris
Beryl Lee

1 The Children's Friend Society The Children's Friend Society was founded in London in 1830, as the Society for the Suppression of Juvenile Vagrancy, through the reformation and emigration of children. In 1832 the first party of children were sent to the Cape of Good Hope and Swan River Colony in Australia. In August 1833 their first party of children was despatched to Toronto, Canada with a total of 230 children being sent to Ontario and New Brunswick.
2 Annie MacPherson The Children's Aid Society founded in 1853 in New York sent out orphans from New York by "orphan train" to the farming states of the mid-west at Kansas, Ohio, Michigan and Iowa. This idea of sending out children to schools to be trained for farm work was adopted in London in 1870 by Annie MacPherson, the Scottish Evangelist. She escorted her first party of 100 children to her centre at Belleville, Ontario in 1870 and sent further children to her receiving homes of Marchmont and Galt, in Ontario, and Knowlton in Quebec. Annie MacPherson also arranged emigration parties for children from Dr. Barnardo's, the Quarrier Homes in Scotland and the Smyly Homes of Dublin as well as her own Home of Industry in East London.
3 Liverpool Sheltering Homes In the late 1860s Alexander Balfour and Stephen Williamson, partners in the Liverpool shipowning firm of Balfour, Williamson & Co., became concerned at the numbers of destitute and orphaned children in Liverpool. Balfour along with another Liverpool shipowner, John Houghton, heard Annie MacPherson lecturing in London on her work with child emigration. Her sister, Louisa Birt, who assisted in her work, came to Liverpool to lecture about their work at a public meeting, which was held in November 1872. It was agreed that a society should be established in Liverpool to further this work, with the fundraising and management of the home to be kept separate from the London organisation. John Houghton offered the free use of premises adjoining the old Byrom Hall Baptist Chapel in Byrom Street, which was formally opened on the 1 May 1873. The purpose of the Liverpool Sheltering Homes was to rescue destitute children, train them in the home, and accompanying them to Canada. From Marchmont House in Ontario they were placed with families although they were supervised and visited until they reached the age of eighteen. In 1889 the Liverpool Sheltering Homes moved into a new Home in Myrtle Street. Following the death of Louisa Birt in 1915, the family involvement was continued by her daughter Miss Lilian Birt. During Louisa Birt's lifetime an estimated 6,000 children were sent to Canada. The Home closed during the First World War but reopened in 1919. Six years later it was amalgamated with Dr. Barnardo's, who closed their own Home in Liverpool and transferred to Myrtle Street. The Home was used as a training centre for boys before they migrated to Canada. In the late 1920s, as migration to Canada ceased, it was used as a home for schoolboys until it closed in 1935. The records are held at Liverpool University as part of the Barnardo's archive.
4 Maria Rye's Female Middle-Class Emigration Society Maria Rye (1829-1903) founded the Female Middle-Class Emigration Society in 1861, and was responsible for escorting parties of young women to Australia, Canada and New Zealand. From 1869 she also assisted young girls from workhouses, aged between 5-12 years. In September 1869 she sent her first party of 76 children, including many from Liverpool workhouse schools, to Canada on the SS Hibernian from Liverpool. In the annual report of 1874 Maria said that the "expense of taking a child out of the gutters in London, and placing it in Canada .... may be roughly reckoned at £15 per head". Her main home in England was in Peckham, which was opened on the 13 July 1872. Most girls spent up to a year there before they were sent to Canada via Liverpool and Quebec, from where they would travel by train to the reception home at Niagara, called 'Our Western Home'. In 1874 the Local Government Board commissioned Andrew Doyle, one of its senior inspectors, to report back on the schemes for emigration of workhouse children to Canada, with particular concern expressed about the schemes operated by Maria Rye and Annie MacPherson. Following his critical report, the Local Government Board stopped the emigration of children from workhouses in March 1875, a decision that forced Maria Rye to suspend sending out more children for two years. Upon Maria Rye's retirement in 1895 the management of her organisation passed to the Church of England Waifs and Strays Society (see 11 below). Emigration through the scheme ceased in July 1915 when the Home closed. Records of her organisation can be found at Liverpool University.
5 National Children's Homes The National Children's Homes and Orphanages was founded by the Methodist Reverend Thomas Bowman Stephenson, Francis Horner and Alfred Mager, 1869. The first Children's Home was opened in London but they quickly expanded into other areas of Britain (becoming known as the National Children's Home in 1907). The charity started an emigration scheme sending children to Canada from 1873-1931, to Australia as part of the Fairbridge Farm School (1937-1939) and directly itself from 1950-1954. A total of 3,600 children were sent to Canada, Australia and New Zealand between 1873-1931 alone. The Maritime Archives & Library holds a small collection of photographs of children, publicity leaflets and historical notes, including an account of the first party of children's voyage on the SS Polynesian to Ontario in 1873. DX/444 c.1900-1980
6 Catholic Organisations Father Nugent of Liverpool, through his Nugent Society Care Homes, was the first of the Catholic organisations to send children to Canada. He made arrangements with local parish priests who were to place the children with local families in Quebec and Ontario. In 1870 a small party of 24 children and Father Nugent set sail for Canada, and Father Nugent became a pioneer in finding new homes, new lives and new opportunities for destitute children. On their arrival he embarked on a nine month lecture tour of Canada and America, pleading the case for "Nobody's Children". His argument was that "poverty is no crime, but a misfortune". If you are trying to trace someone who emigrated to Canada or the USA, you can contact the Archivist at their Head Office (see address list at the end of this information sheet). The Custody of Children Act (Barnardo's Act) 1891 legalised the work of private emigration societies, and Catholic child migration became focussed through the Archdiocese of Westminster's "Crusade of Rescue" in 1899 and all work was moved to St. George's in Ottawa. By the early 1900s children were being sent to Canada from Father Berry's Homes in Liverpool. St. George's was closed in 1935. Records for the Catholic children in Canada were returned to England and some were subsequently destroyed. However, the original records may still be available in Britain (see address list at the end of this information sheet).
7 Dr. Barnardo's Founded in London in 1869, Dr. Barnardo's sent out children with Annie MacPherson in the 1870s before sending children themselves, with some 30,000 children and young people being sent to Canada between 1882-1939. Around 2,784 children and young people were sent out to Australia from 1921 until the end of child migration in 1967 when Barnardo's sent out its last nine migrants.
8 Fegan's Child and Family Care (Fegan's Homes) James Fegan founded his first home in Deptford in 1872. He sent out around 3,166 boys to his homes in Brandon, Manitoba and Toronto, Canada, between 1884-1938.
9 Quarriers Homes Quarriers Homes (formerly the Orphan Homes of Scotland and Quarriers Homes) sent out their first children to Ontario, Canada with Annie MacPherson on the ship St. David on 2 July 1872. In 1888 they set up their own receiving home "Fairknowe" at Brockville, Ontario, to receive children from the Quarrier Home in Scotland and from the Douglas Industrial Home, Isle of Man.
10 Middlemore Homes John T. Middlemore founded the Child's Emigration Homes in Birmingham, and sent out children to Ontario, Canada in 1873, and later from 1893 to Nova Scotia. In all, a total of 5,000 children were sent to Canada and around 259 to Australia (1922-1955) in association with the Fairbridge Farm Schools.
11 The Children's Society (formerly the Church of England Waifs and Strays Society) The Children's Society sent out approximately 3,940 children to Canada, Australia and Southern Rhodesia between 1883 and 1955. It maintained six receiving homes in Canada which received children between 1883-1937, and from 1925-c.1955 used other agencies to send children to Australia and Southern Rhodesia.
12 The Farming School Movements In 1903 Mrs. Elinor Close established a training farm in Nova Scotia to train workhouse children before their placement with Canadian farmers. In 1912 Thomas Sedgewick sent out his first party of 50 youths (15-19 yrs old) from Liverpool and London to New Zealand. The first farm school of the Child Emigration Society of Oxford was established by Kingsley Fairbridge at Pinjarra near Perth, Australia in 1912. The Fairbridge Society became the leading exponent of the farm school movement, and assisted over 3,362 child migrants to Australia between 1913-c.1960. In the 1950s they also introduced a Parent Migration Scheme.
13 The Salvation Army The Salvation Army founded by William Booth assisted emigrants to Canada in the late 19th century, especially children up until World War One. After the War they sent migrants to Australia, especially farm boys who were trained at its special training camp at Riverview, Brisbane. In the 1920s the Army chartered the Vedic to make four voyages with emigrants to Australia.
14 Child Migrant Trust In 1986 Nottingham social worker, Margaret Humphreys, set up the Child Migrant Trust to assist former child migrants reunite with their families. In 1998 after several years of campaigning by the Child Migrant Trust, a UK Parliamentary Committee visited Australia to report on the child migration policy and the poor treatment of many of the child migrants, particularly those in the Catholic homes in Western Australia and Queensland. On the 13 August 1998 the Western Australian Legislative Assembly apologised to the former child migrants for their poor treatment in the state's institutions.

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WAGNER, Gillian. Children of the Empire. London: Weidenfield, 1982.
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Records relating to child migrants may be held in the archives of the recipient countries: For America, check the US National Archives and Records Administration at For Australia, see the National Archives of Australia at New Zealand archives can be located at
For Canada, see the National Archives of Canada at section on "Home Children". The Canadian National Archives holds the following:
is a website by Marjorie Kohl of the University of Waterloo, Canada, which provides information on organisations which sent children to Canada, 1833-1935. See
for information on child migration societies and organisations.
The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa website hosts projects for listing home children who came to Canada from Britain. This includes indexing of home children in the passenger lists of ships arriving in Canada from Britain between 1869 and 1948 (started in 1998), and the indexing of Middlemore home children arriving in Canada between 1873 and 1933 (started in 2001, with 1872-1892 on to date). See

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